July 29, 2019

Experts on earthquakes

Author: UCR News
July 29, 2019


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Nicolas Barth: Assistant professor of geology. Research focuses on improving understanding of active faults and the evolution of landscapes. Neotectonics; tectonophysics; geomorphology; structure; natural hazards; landslides and debris flows/mudflows following fires. Barth offers perspective on and examples related to a San Andreas Fault-related earthquake, and the variables that could influence impacts in the L.A. region. nic.barth@ucr.edu 

Roby Douilly: Assistant professor of seismology. Crustal seismology; seismic tomography; earthquake processes; earthquake physics; wave propagation and earthquake ground motion. roby.douilly@ucr.edu

Gareth Funning: Associate professor of seismology. Seismology; geophysics; space geodesy (InSAR and GPS). Researches activity that occurs in the crust, such as earthquakes, active tectonics, slow movements of faults, and geothermal power production. gareth.funning@ucr.edu

Abhijit Ghosh: Associate professor of geophysics. Earthquake physics; seismology; researches the processes that control earthquakes and their associated hazard by examining a wide spectrum of fault slip across a broad range of spatial and temporal scales. abhijit.ghosh@ucr.edu

David Oglesby: Professor of geophysics. Earthquake physics; the effects of fault geometry and stress inhomogeneity on earthquake dynamics; computational models of faulting; wave propagation and earthquake ground motion; strong-motion seismology. david.oglesby@ucr.edu