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BTS, Travis Scott and more celebrities are providing some tasty pop to fast food menus

Ricky Rodriguez, associate professor of media and cultural studies, on the trend of pop stars collaborating with fast food chains on special meals.
The Press Enterprise | April 27, 2021

Will lessons learned from this pandemic soften the blow during the next one?

Richard Carpiano, public health scientist and medical sociologist at UC Riverside, says more could have been done, and sooner, to demystify the science around vaccines and pandemics. 
Times Herald | April 25, 2021

Youn Yuh-Jung Makes History As First Korean Actress To Win Oscar

Donatella Gallela, associate professor of theatre, film and digital production, commenting on what "Minari" means for the Asian American community and for the film industry. 
Forbes | April 25, 2021

UC Riverside celebrates 50 years since Tomás Rivera’s landmark book

Alex Espinoza, Tomás Rivera Endowed Chair and an associate professor of creative writing, speaking on the 50th anniversary of Tomás Rivera's landmark book “...Y no se lo tragó la tierra."
The Press Enterprise | April 22, 2021

UC Riverside plans limited in-person graduation — without guests

Both students who graduated in 2020 and those graduating with the Class of 2021 have been invited by Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox to participate in commencement events scheduled to run Saturday, June 12, through Monday, June 14.
The Press Enterprise | April 21, 2021

Shattered Ancient Alliance: New Mysterious Maya Pyramid Could Shed Light on Birth of an Empire

A team led by archaeologist Nawa Sugiyama discovered an elite Maya compound with smashed and buried murals in Teotihuacan. The luxurious nature of the finds suggests that the residents may have been nobility or diplomats. 
Sputnik News | April 20, 2021

Researchers find gene to help crops survive warming

Botany and plant sciences professor Meng Chen led research into the mechanisms that allow plants to sense changes in temperature.
Capital Journal | April 20, 2021

Study Sheds Light on How Earth Regulates Earthquakes

A new study co-authored by geologist Nicolas Barth finds a naturally occurring “earthquake gate” that decides which earthquakes are allowed to grow into magnitude 8 or greater.  
Interesting Engineering | April 20, 2021

New study shows that these 2 childhood habits make you a happier adult

Research from physiologists Marcell Cadney and Theodore Garland show the lasting importance of good diet and exercise in childhood.
Aletia | April 19, 2021

Primordial black holes could explain dark matter, galaxy growth and more

Cosmologist Simeon Bird co-authored a paper proposing that strange, massive objects sending signals from space were formed at the dawn of time, before stars existed.
PBS News Hour | April 19, 2021

Is California suffering a decades-long megadrought?

Some researchers believe California is actually more than two decades into an emerging “megadrought," and Hoori Ajami, assistant professor of groundwater hydrology, says stream flow and groundwater could take at least a decade to recover.
The Los Angeles Times | April 18, 2021

How some SoCal cities work to curtail the environmental impact of COVID-19

Cesunica Ivey, assistant professor of chemical and environmental engineering, talks about atmospheric chemistry behind air quality changes during the pandemic, and how people can work to improve air quality.
Spectrum News' In Focus | April 18, 2021

Doctor: Pause of J&J vaccine could teach us lessons but hurt vulnerable populations

Richard Carpiano, public health scientist and sociologist, says the pause in Johnson & Johnson vaccine authorization should be proof that the system is working to protect patients.
WINK News | April 15, 2021

In E-commerce Race, Walmart Eyes Its Workforce and Delivery Tech

Walmart’s overtures to workers may be a sign of a tighter labor market, according to Danko Turcic, associate professor of operations and supply chain management.  
Yahoo Finance | April 15, 2021

How Plant 'Vaccines' Could Save Us From a World Without Fruit

UC Riverside research, including work by geneticist Hailing Jin and UCR's Citrus Clonal Protection Program, could be key to making sure citrus continues to thrive.
Discover Magazine | April 15, 2021

Scientists delve into clotting issues associated with J&J vaccine as pause disrupts local distributions

David Lo, distinguished professor of biomedical sciences and Director of the Center for Health Disparities Research, worries the issues surrounding the Johnson & Johnson vaccine may make people more hesitant about getting vaccinated, even if the blood clotting is not a direct result of getting the shot. 
The Mercury News | April 14, 2021

UC Riverside students’ art expresses coronavirus fears, struggles

Alejandra Dubcovsky, associate professor of history, and grad student Elizabeth Miller, featured for allowing students to share their experience with COVID-19 — through art.   
The Press Enterprise | April 14, 2021

Study shows how childhood diet, exercise affect adulthood anxiety

A recent study by physiologists Marcell Cadney and Theodore Garland showed that a good diet and ample exercise in childhood leads to less anxiety in adulthood.
Atlanta Journal Constitution | April 14, 2021

Only 30% of L.A. County men got COVID-19 vaccine, compared to 44% of women. Why the disparity?

Medical sociologist Richard Carpiano explains that a lot of men are also socialized to not ask for help, and that manifests itself in healthcare-seeking behaviors.
The Los Angeles Times | April 14, 2021

Diet and exercise when young affects brain size and anxiety when older

Physiologists Marcell Cadney and Theodore Garland find early life habits affect mice into adulthood, and believe the same holds true for humans.
New Atlas | April 11, 2021